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The long and short of property investment

Some markets are hotter than others, possibly contributing to an increase in ‘flipping’ amongst some investors. But as with ANY investment decision it is essential that the possible risks associated with an investment are well researched and considered.

Are you a reluctant refinancer?

Gone are the days when we stayed with the same loan or lender for the full term of a home loan – the mortgage market is now very competitive. As your finance specialist that’s where we can assist. So… when should you consider refinancing?

First home buyers stay tuned…..

The Federal Budget is looming AND there are rumoured initiatives to help first home buyers (FHB’s) into the property market. So if you – or your children – are potential FHB’s it might pay to stay tuned….

Debt Got You Down?

A recent survey revealed 41% of Australians have credit card debt and of those nearly 4 million cannot afford to repay it!